4 Life’s latest top 5 tips to get you motivated to lose weight!

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Summer is on its way, the fruit is fresh and the sun is out – what a great time to get back on track! Have you lost your way on your fitness journey? Are you coming out of rehabilitation after an injury? Are you new to this lifestyle and need some helpful tips? Let’s break down the 5 most important health tips to keep you on track with your fitness goals.


Do you find yourself starving and grabbing a quick, easy and commonly unhealthy meal? Meal prepping is a sure fire way to stop this and stay on track. So what is meal prepping? Meal prepping is cooking and preparing your meals for the week in bulk. Think about the kinds of meals that you usually lose track with, for me that is lunch! I need to prepare my lunches for the week as it is convenient, satisfying, cheap and healthy. – You will be amazed at how much money you will save when meal prepping! I will prep my lunches/snacks for the week on a Sunday, this does not necessarily mean making every meal – It may include chopping veggies which are set aside for an early morning omelet. Get creative when preparing your meals, the last thing you want to do is get bored – Unless you love it… Don’t prepare the classic chicken, rice and veggies! By Wednesday you will despise it!! See here for some delicious ideas and some of my personal favorites - YUM


Now, this is an important one. Tracking your progress is a big motivator, it helps us to see the changes in our physique so we know what is working and what we need to work on. The best way to track this progress is with photos! Yes that’s right, mean isn’t it! Take a photo of yourself, or have a loved one take it. This photo must be at the same time in the day, the same clothing, and with the same camera. (ideally a front shot, back and side) Do not obsess over these photos – Take these progress shots once a month and sit down to compare. Remember it takes one month for you to see a difference, two months for your friends and family and three months for the rest of the world!


Goal setting is a necessary ingredient to success. These goals must be achievable and realistic, do not set a goal out of your reach. Start small, such as no cool drinks for a month or setting a new target on your gym equipment. Goals in kilograms should be kept small, focus on the month ahead and what you can realistically achieve on the scales in that month. Do not forget your goals, set it as your screen saver, put it on the fridge, put it on a post it note and stick it to your mirror. You will smash these goals when they are impossible to forget!


Plan ahead and set a schedule. Get organised, if your plan is in place you will succeed. Pack your gym bag the night before, if plans pop up work them around your new schedule, get up an hour earlier. Your health is your priority. Tell your loved ones your gym plans, get a fitness friend and these plans will never fail. Find what works for you in your schedule and stick to it.


If you fall off the wagon one afternoon and indulge more than you had planned DO NOT be mad with yourself. You are human! The important part is to get back into your plan straight away, don’t wait until ‘Monday’ Get back on track straight away. Make sure you always remind yourself of how wonderful you are doing. Be proud!


If you are ready to start but need a little more help, see one of our qualified Exercise Physiologists. They can work around preexisting injuries, medical conditions and any aches/pains to tailor you a personalised exercise program. Contact our friendly reception desk today for more information.