Get some spring in your step!

Lost your exercise mojo over the winter months? Are you making excuses for yourself? Let us help you overcome your barriers to exercise as we enter the month of spring.4life_exercise


But, baby, its cold outside

Don’t let the cold air stop you from exercising, just simply dress to suit the outdoor temperature. We’re talking scarves, beanies, coats, the lot. But don’t go overboard, as your body temperature will increase once you get moving. Try exercising in the warmer times of the day to avoid the early morning and late evening chill. Perhaps a quick walk during your lunch break could work?


Its raining and I dont want to get wet

We hate to break it to you, but rain never killed anyone in Mandurah. Plus, we must be one of the luckiest towns in the world with the amount of sunshine we get in winter. Besides, we have the lovely redeveloped Mandurah Forum that serves as the perfect indoor walking venue with the added benefit of shopping (or window shopping). You could also add some incidental walking into your day by parking further away or walking down every aisle of the supermarket.


I dont have time

Now this excuse isn’t just specific to winter, we hear this one all year round. If you were to write down everything you did for every minute of the day, surely you can spare 30 minutes for exercise. Think less television, less social media and better time management skills.


I dont want to catch a cold

News flash! Exercising in the cold doesn’t give you a cold. In fact, exercise keeps us fit and healthy which actually boosts immunity. We don’t see the Olympic skiers bed ridden with head colds all year round now do we?


Ive got the winter blues and cant get motivated

Lucky spring is on it here!! Setting goals that you can focus on will help to get you going again. Whatever your goal is, having something to work towards will help to motivate you and give you a good reason to not skip your workout. Need help with your goal setting or to develop an exercise routine suitable for you? Why not book in with one of our Accredited Exercise Physiologists