FREE 45 Minute EP Gym Appraisal

What was your New Years Resolution this year? Was it to improve your health and fitness? To lose weight?

If you are having trouble keeping up a regular exercise plan, or are unsure where to start, we can help!

We are offering FREE 45-minute initial appraisals with our Exercise Physiologists (EPs).

So what exactly can we do for you? Your initial appraisal will include:

  • Goal Setting – What is the main thing you want to achieve and WHY? We can help you then set smaller goals as stepping stones to achieve your ultimate end goal.
  • Medical History – Discussion of any past/current conditions, concerns or aches and pains that may be limiting your ability to exercise. This will enable us to direct you towards the most appropriate course of action to achieve your goals.
  • Exercise History – What you have done in the past, what you ENJOY and what you would like to do from this point forward.
  • Physical Assessment – Specific to you as an individual, your medical/exercise history and your goals. This may include measures of body mass index, waist/hip girths, blood pressure, strength, flexibility, balance, posture and cardiovascular fitness.
  • Education – Will exercise make my pain worse? What kind of exercise is best for my condition? We will address any questions or concerns you may have regarding exercise for you as an individual.
  • Dietary Advice – We can look at your current eating habits and provide general dietary advice to help you achieve a healthy long term eating plan. Crucial for weight loss!


What next?

We have so much more to offer! Where you go next will depend on what is decided between you and your Exercise Physiologist in the initial appraisal. This may include:

  • Individual sessions – For a one-on-one approach you may attend ongoing sessions with your EP to develop your exercise program. You may attend our in-house gym or pools on a regular basis, or meet for program upgrades/ongoing support while completing your program at home or at an external gym.
  • Group Exercise Classes – Individually-based, hour-long group sessions that run at various times throughout the week. We welcome all ages and levels of fitness, taking pride in providing a non-threatening environment that differs from the standard gym. See our Group Exercise Timetable here.
  • Personal Training – For that extra push, see your EP for some Personal Training! We offer different PT packages to keep you motivated. Why not bring a friend – save some cash while having more fun!
  • Hydrotherapy – Not a fan of the gym? Why not try our hydrotherapy pools! For non-weight bearing exercise that is easy on those sore joints. You will be surprised how much you can do in the water!
  • Pilates – A gentle option utilising our specialised Pilates Studio. Why not try Fit Pilates for general exercise, or Clinical Pilates if you require a more specialised approach.
  • Gym/Pool Memberships – Ready to step out on your own? Want to continue using our state of the art facilities? Keep up your program with our monthly gym or pool memberships.

Let us help you help yourself. You CAN achieve your health and fitness goals. Book in now for your FREE session.

Free gym appraisal offer is valid to 31st March 2017 - Available to new and existing patients of 4 Life Physiotherapy.

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