Back to Basics for Mandurah Crab Fest – How to look after yourself!

Back to Basics for Mandurah Crab Fest – How to look after yourself!

2It is nearing that time of year again in Mandurah when the crowds gather to celebrate the annual Crab Fest! This is a great time to enjoy the local produce, and with all of that tasty crab in our bellies reflect on what kind of season it has been. How did this season’s tally compare to last? What was the weather like? How did your back feel?

After hours of scooping, lifting and dragging to get your catch, does your back feel a little worse for wear? This is a timely reminder to take care of our backs.

Usually there is no serious underlying cause to low back pain and it will ease within 6 weeks. Keeping physically active at this time is essential. If your pain is uncomplicated then it is likely to ease while continuing normal movements and applying heat. Although your movements may be restricted and you may not be able to lift anything too heavy (including those full crab pots), it is important to stay as active as you can. Walking and stretching are the best choices while you are still sore. Worrying about uncomplicated back pain can actually make the pain worse, so positive thinking is also a must.

Prevention is always better than cure though, so here are our top 5 tips on what you can do to avoid back pain through the crabbing season:

  1. Exercise Regularly

3Include exercises to maintain normal flexibility and muscle strength to support your spine, as well as cardiovascular exercise. Striving to build a stronger body overall will build a stronger back.

  1. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying too much weight for your height will increase pressure on the spine, discs, ligaments and muscles and increase injury risk.

  1. Focus on Your Posture

Ensure you keep a straight back and use your leg strength while lifting.

  1. Keep Hydrated

Aiming for 8 glasses of water each day can help maintain a healthy spine.

  1. Stop Smoking

Smoking reduces blood flow to the soft tissues of the spine, increasing degeneration and pain, and lengthening recovery rate from injury.

4It is important to listen to your body when performing any form of exercise or repetitive activity. If the task feels beyond your capabilities or strength, then it is best avoided or altered to suit you. For specific exercise programs to manage or prevent back pain, book in with one of our Exercise Physiologists today. Don’t let back pain get in the way of enjoying what this beautiful city has to offer. Happy crabbing everyone!